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Interior Painting

Painting the interior of a space enhances the experience and is more appealing to the viewer. Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

The saying goes that if you look good, you feel good. No more cringing at the chipped paint or the weathered exterior, your friendly professional painters are here to save the day from embarrassment and worry! Exterior Painting

Residential Painting

A house becomes a home when you make it your own, adding your style to it! We enjoy meeting with every customer to give them their estimate so that they can personally walk through their job with us pointing out all the important details. Residential Painting

Commercial Painting

The success of your business will depend on the face of your company. If a customer feels comfortable in the space they are invited into they will more likely feel inclined to spend their time and money there. Commercial Painting

Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets is often times deemed a project that is too difficult, it takes a lot of effort and time. Cabinet Painting

Specialty Finishes

There are many different ways you can change up a space in your home/business, whether it’s by changing the paint, using a stain instead or a new design. Specialty Finishes

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About Us

We’re a well established business with over 5 years of unmatched expertise. Customer preference and priorities are always first. We’re very timely with our work and never lose attention to detail. Painter Bros has built a reputation for quality work with each satisfied customer. Our sense of pride is apparent in every restoration we complete. Call Painter Bros today and we’ll be there in your time of need.

Michelle had an incredible experience with Painter Bros. Painter Bros successfully painted the inside of Michelle’s home for a reasonable price. Painter Bros was hired to fix the poor job of another painting contractor. Thank you for your business Michelle!

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The Fifth Wall

The Fifth Wall

“People think they are making a safe choice by painting a ceiling white. They think that will make it unnoticeable. But if you have bold colored walls and a white ceiling, that’s usually the first thing you see, because the eye is drawn to contrasts.” says color...

Benefits of Shiplap

Benefits of Shiplap

You may have seen these new popular interior design popping up in homes called shiplap. Historically, shiplap was used as the wall in cottages and small homes. There were small grooves on the edges that clipped onto each other creating a lock. And as time...

Back in Black

Back in Black

Black can be a difficult color to implement in your home. It represents a lack of color in a space and when too much black is used it can be overwhelming and dark. But when used appropriately it can give your home a classic and elegant look. This living...

Fast, professional, quality work!

“Fast, professional, quality work! Honest company.”

Jennifer Coalwell, Happy Customer

Great company!

“Great company. Our painters worked very hard and did a great job. They were very polite and were willing to do everything we asked”

Sheri Palmer, Happy Customer

We were very happy with this company...

“We were very happy with this company. They were on time every day and worked long hours to get it done. Very courteous and professional. ”

Valerie Anderson, Happy Customer

Courteous to the core and so professional!

“ I was one of those people who happened to need same-day service. This company did not hesitate to accommodate me. Courteous to the core and so professional! The work they did was amazing! ”

Terrie Nitta, Happy Customer

Courteous to the core and so professional!

“We here at the Rockwell in Draper have used the Painter Bros. twice, each time has been a great experience. The workmanship and quality of their work has been top notch. I would rec-comend this them with small jobs and big.”

Gary Gibson, Happy Customer

Courteous to the core and so professional!

“These guys were great, from the estimate, to the painters, to the job completion.”

Janice Rinsky, Happy Customer

Courteous to the core and so professional!

“Great company! I appreciate that they do their best to meet the needs of their customers. The next time I need a project painted I won’t think twice to call them!”

Sarah Hanson, Happy Customer

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